🎄Large Christmas Cheese Wheel on wooden board🎄

🎄Large Christmas Cheese Wheel on wooden board🎄

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Each wedge of cheese is individually freshly hand cut.

Cheese Selection 

  • Kick-Ass Original Strong & Creamy Cheddar
  • Sandhams Crumbly Lancashire 
  • Sandhams Tasty Lancashire 
  • Dewlay Wensleydale & Cranberry 
  • Kick-Ass Charcoal Cheddar 
  • Sticky Toffee Cheddar 
  • Cheddar with Sage 
  • Kick-Ass Fiery Jack Cheddar 
  • French Brie 
  • Garstang Blue
  • Sandhams Red Crunch 
  • Ploughman’s Pickle Cheddar 
  • Lancashire with Pepper 
  • Smoked Lancashire 
  • "Tuscany"Sun-blushed tomatoes with onion & Garlic 


Each carefully hand cut cheese weighs approximately 70/100grams - 3/3.5 ounces

Diameter 9inches /23cm width 

Total weight approximately 1.3kg 

Serves 10 people = £3 per head !

Allergans - MILK 

Keep refrigerated under 5 degrees and keep well sealed to keep fresh for longer. We advise consuming between 5/7 days but can be freezed up to 4 months.