Cheese Wheel on Foil Base

Cheese Wheel on Foil Base

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Please note the picture of board are sample boards, some of the cheeses may be different to the picture

We kindly ask for 24 Hrs notice when ordering a cheese board or the evening before if collecting.

Cheese Board contains:

Sandhams of Barton "Red Crunch"( strong Red Leicester with a crunch), Sandhams Tasty Lancashire, Crumbly Lancashire, Kick-Ass Fiery Jack (strong cheddar with Jalapeños and Peppers ), Kick-Ass Charcoal Cheddar, Sticky Toffee Cheddar, Cheddar with sage, French Brie, Wensleydale & Cranberries, Kick-Ass cheddar with Rioja & Caramelised onion, Kick-ass smoked cheddar, Blue Stilton, Cheddar with cracked black pepper, 'Tuscany' (Sun-blushed tomatoes, garlic and onion), Kick-ass strong & creamy cheddar, Bowland (Lancashire apple, raisin & cinnamon).

Each cheese is freshly hand cut and weighs approximately 60/80 grams. Serves approx 6 people. Contains milk and all vegetarian. Gluten free. The board is 9 inches (22cm) in diameter and weighs approx 1.3kg in cheese. Allergens all contain MILK, Rioja & Caramelised onion - SULPHATE , Apricot - SULPHATE Bowland - SULPHATE.