🎄Small Cheese Board 🎄

🎄Small Cheese Board 🎄

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Orders may only be placed for delivery on December 19th & 20th.

8 wedges of carefully hand cut popular Christmas Cheeses on a Bamboo Board 

Serves 4 people. All gluten free and vegetarian 

Each Cheese weighs approximately 70/100g 

Use within 7 days 

We cannot swap and change any of the cheeses sorry Christmas week due to the high amount we make. 

Consume 7days after purchasing  

  • Tasty Lancashire 
  • Blue Stilton
  • Wensleydale with Cranberries 
  • Red Crunch Vintage Red Leicester 
  • Flamin Eck Lancashire with Jalapeños 
  • Redwood Smoked Creamy Cheddar 
  • Kick-Ass Strong Creamy Cheddar 
  • French Brie 

Allergens - MILK all Vegetarian and Gluten Free