Cheese Wheel on bamboo board
Cheese Wheel on bamboo board
Cheese Wheel on bamboo board

Cheese Wheel on bamboo board

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Please pre order at least 24hrs before. Or at least the evening before thank you  

This is not a Christmas week Cheese Wheel. 

Please make sure to choose the correct day !  

Sandhams "Red Crunch"( strong Red Leicester with salt crystals), Special Reserve Tasty Lancashire, Crumbly Lancashire, Fiery Cheddar with Jalapenos), Kick-Ass Charcoal Cheddar, Sticky Toffee Cheddar, French Brie, “Bowland” Lancashire with apple, raisin & cinnamon , Wensleydale & Cranberries, Lancashire with red wine and Caramelised onion, Kick-ass “Tuscany” Cheddar with sun-blushed tomatoes, onion and garlic, Kick-ass extra strong & creamy cheddar, Port wine Derby, Blue Stilton, Smoked Lancashire, 


All cheese is selected depending on what we have in the counter that week.

Each cheese is freshly hand cut and weighs approximately 70/100 grams. Serves approx 6/8 people.

Allergens All contain MILK Bowland & Lancashire with red wine & Caramelised red onions contains SULPHATE / all vegetarian and pasteurised milk. 

Diameter is 9 inches  (23 cm) Total weight 1.2kg approximately. 

Best before 5/7 days.