Lancashire Sloe Gin

Lancashire Sloe Gin

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Do you love this time of year as much as you love gin? Well this is one for you, we have engraved the whole bottle to make it a complete collectable Gin too.

Made by infusing Our Lancashire Dry Gin with hand-picked local sloes, on the palate the juicy berries make way for spice, before clean juniper and zesty citrus notes for a velvety finish.

This Sloe gin showcases a delicious harmony between the sloe berries and the characterful gin. Wonderfully rich and deep in fruit flavour with a lovely underlying sweetness, our gin is pleasant to sip and savour as a stand-alone short, but boasts a robust character that will also stand up well in long drinks.

This is a very limited edition bottle therefore we're only engraving and have steeped our sloe Gin for six weeks to make 300 bottles of our Lancashire Sloe Gin.

70cl bottle engraved

5cl Standard Label