Large Cheese Board
Large Cheese Board
Large Cheese Board

Large Cheese Board

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Pickles famous cheese boards !

Our unique cheese wheel was created 10 years ago and grow in popularity every year. A definite show stopper when entertaining guests. Customers come back for these again and again. 

All cheese is cut on the day. Cheese is chosen depending on what we have in the counter that week. 

Majority of them will contain;

Greenfields Crumbly, Greenfields Tasty Lancs, Sandhams smoked Lancashire. Sandhams Ogdens original extra mature creamy cheddar, Sandhams Lancashire with caramelised onion, Sandhams "Flamin Eck", Wensleydale & cranberries, Blue Stilton, French Brie, Dewlay Red Leicester, Sticky Toffee Cheddar, Charcoal Cheddar, Bowland apple raisin and cinnamon, Cheddar & pickled onion.

Amount of cheese wedges varies on how we cut them. Usually between 15-17 wedges, weigh approximately 70/80 grams each. Comes on a wooden Board.

Use within 5 -7 days. Allergens contain MILK, Gluten free.