Pre Order Large Graze Box

Pre Order Large Graze Box

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Includes 7 good portions of cheese

  • Garlic Roulé
  • Lancashire with Red wine & caramelised onions 
  • Grand Noir creamy blue matured in wax from Germany
  • Lancashire Crumbly
  • Garstang white brie style cheese 
  • Kick-Ass extra mature creamy cheddar 
  • Chilli & lime creamy cheddar
  • You can swap and change any cheeses by leaving us a note in instructions for seller once added to cart. Supplements occur for higher priced cheese upon request. 

  • Cheese subject to availability at the time ordered. Will be replaced with something else. 

2 Local jumbo Sausage Rolls & 4 Dinky Pork pies

 Freshly sliced Festive roast ham

Freshly sliced Chorizo Picante, Milano salami & prosciutto  

Sicilian marinated green pitted olives & sun-dried tomatoes

Seasonal fruit

Nuts, pickles, gherkins, chutneys, biscuits, bread and butter.