Small Cheese Board

Small Cheese Board

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This is not a Christmas Cheese Board !

24 hours notice needed. Or at least the evening before. We make the orders first thing in the morning before we get busy over the counter. 

Collection after 11am 

 Cheese Board serves approximately 4 people. 

Comes with 8 different varieties of carefully cut cheeses weighing approximately 70/100g each  

Please note this is just a sample picture of the cheese board. 

  • Dewlay Crumbly or Tasty Lancashire  
  • Locally made Wensleydale & Cranberries 
  • Sandhams “Flamin Eck" (Lancashire with jalapeños) 
  • Kick-Ass strong and creamy Cheddar 
  • Carron Lodge Smoked Brie 
  • Colston Bassett award winning Blue Stilton 
  • Sandhams Red Crunch  Vintage R.Leicester 
  • Sandhams Lancashire with Red Wine & Caramelised Red Onion Chutney 

Cheese subject to availability in the counter each week so maybe different.